About me

Who am I?

My name is Szabó-Demeter Éva, I’ve graduated from Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (BBU), Faculty of Letters, majoring in Hungarian and French. I've started to do translations in 2002, at first upon the request of acquaintances, then – at their recommendation – I delivered translations mainly in the Romanian<>Hungarian language pair for other clients. During this period I have taught practical translation courses, including translation theory and practice at the Faculty of Letters (BBU), attended by the third year students who joined the Translation studies special programme.

I have been working as a full time freelance translator since 2006, dedicating all my time to translation.

What do I offer?

Speaking a language is not enough for an accurate translation, it requires translation skills, experience, creativity, good knowledge of source and target language cultural backup, and last but not least, high standards, accuracy and reliability.

My primary objective is to grant a quality service: the effort of achieving faultless translations from the perspective of spelling, grammar and style is of primary importance, and the format of the original text is preserved or formatted according to the client demands. It’s my duty and responsibility to transmit by means of the target language all the information held by the source document with highest precision. The consistency of the translations is ensured using CAT tools, permitting to offer my regular clients translations with consistent style and terminology during the whole time of our cooperation.

In addition to the criterion of quality I emphasize accuracy and reliability: to respect deadlines, since exceeding the time limit may result in large losses for my client. The obligation of professional secrecy is one of the ethical directives of my profession, therefore any fact, date or information received shall be subject to professional confidentiality.

Since my target is to provide quality services along with accuracy and reliability, I do not engage in doing the translation if I cannot ensure the compliance with these requirements.

My end and aim is to ensure quality service, and to build a long-term relationship with my clients based upon mutual respect and confidence.

Translation is not only work or livelihood for me, but is a passion and a big challenge: to carry out the task in such a way as to bring satisfaction to the client.