Standard rates


General documents: 0.03–0.05 EUR per word.
Technical, economic, legal: 0.05–0.08 EUR per word.


25 EUR per hour.
Minimum paid amount is 25 EUR, then will be paid every split hour started.
If I’m asked to fulfil an interpreting assignment less than 24 hours before starting date and time, I will charge an extra fee of 13 EUR as availability payment.


40-70% of the translation price, according to the quality of translation.


50% of the translation price.

Additional information

Unit of measurement:

Word: source or target word, as may be agreed upon with the client (personal papers, certificates, diplomas are counted per page and the minimum paid amount is 5 EUR per document).

Factors that might affect prices:

Difficulty, volume, deadline may influence the listed prices.
In case of more than 5 pages (approx. 1500 words) per day I will apply a surcharge of 30%.
Regular clients will receive a discount – based on individual agreement.
For translations delivered the same day, or for weekends and public holidays work I will apply a surcharge of 50%.

Purchase order, payment terms and conditions

I’ll only start working on the document to be translated when the client returns the signed and sealed PO attached to the individual price quote received. The time-limit proposed for the completion of translation will start when receiving the PO.
The invoice will be attached to the translation at delivery, and it will be payable not later than 30 days form invoicing. After that I will claim a compensation for late payment of 1% for each day.
Payment is possible with cash or by bank transfer – based on the agreement with the client.
In case of large amount of work I shall reserve the right to request an advance.
If the client revokes a job, he is bound to pay the price of the work completed until the date of revocation.
In order to receive further information don’t hesitate to contact me and request a personal offer!