0.03–0.08 EUR per word

Working languages

My working languages are: Hungarian, Romanian, French and English. Hungarian is my mother tongue, and I speak Romanian on mother tongue level since I use it on a daily basis, that’s why I translate into that two languages. Working language pairs:

  • Hungarian to Romanian
  • Romanian to Hungarian
  • English to Hungarian
  • English to Romanian
  • French to Hungarian
  • French to Romanian

Fields of expertise

My fields of expertise are:

Special translations

  • Legal documents: laws, decrees, resolutions, EU legislation; summonses, decisions, documents issued by the police, by the attorney’s department, judicial documents, other documents issued by the authorities; various contracts and agreements: contract of sale, hire contract, trade agreement, insurance contract, aid contract, works contract; land register extracts.
  • Economic, commercial, financial documents: trade agreements and annexes, privatisation portfolios, insurance documents, tenders, product specifications, memorandums and articles of association, certificates of incorporation, audit reports, annual accounts, fiscal certificates, business plans, development strategies, call for offers, offers, application files, advertising material, bank policies and procedures, bank guarantees, bank references.
  • Technical documents (Mechanics/Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Transport): instructions for use, installation and maintenance; operator’s manuals, technical specifications, manufacturing processes; quality system descriptions, safety provisions; quality certificates, statements of compliance.
  • Tourism, accommodation and public catering, leisure facilities: documents of tourist and/or public catering subject area, tourist publicity materials and presentations; individual web pages, quotations; various materials of tourism agencies; accommodation and meal offers, menus, gastronomic presentations.

Official translations*

I undertake to deliver certified and notary authenticated translations, if requested.

  • Personal documents: marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificate of adoption, identity documents and travel documents, driving licence, occupational history, extract from judicial record etc.
  • Vehicle registration documents: registration certificate.
  • Diplomas, certificates, transcript of records, curriculum of studies, school reports.
  • Other documents: economic and legal documents, firearms licence, minutes of proceedings etc.

* only for Hungarian to Romanian and Romanian to Hungarian working pairs.

25 EUR per hour


I offer commercial and legal interpreting services and countersigning of various documents at the notary public’s and lawyer’s office, at the companies register in Cluj-Napoca and Cluj county.

* only for Hungarian to Romanian and Romanian to Hungarian working pairs.

40-70% of the translation price.


I examine and compare the translated document with the original, if the quality of the translated document makes it possible. If the translation does not meet the quality requirements, after consulting the client I recommend the retranslation of the document.

50% of the translation price.


I offer proofreading services for literary works, manuals, specialized textbooks, teaching materials, presentations in Hungarian. The proofreading may be provided in electronic format (in accordance with the client's needs), but in order to eliminate the mistakes made while typing the two-round proofreading on paper is recommended. (First round: proofreading is made on paper, and the changes made are entered into the electronic format document which is listed again for the second round of proofreading, where unseen or newly made errors can be corrected.)

Other services

DTP (books, journals, other publications)

For further information and personalised price quoting please feel free to contact me!